I grew up in Oxford, Mississippi, and spent the first eleven years of my life under the canopy of ancient oak trees. In the summer, when it was too hot to do anything, my younger brother and I would bask under the cold air from the window AC while our Mom read us all of the Little House on the Prairie books. My favorite parts were always about Laura and Almanzo, which should have been my first clue that I was going to write romance when I grew up.

My family moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico when I was in sixth grade. Talk about culture shock! I loved living in the desert southwest, though, despite it being such a departure from the humid subtropical climate of my youth. After marrying an Air Force pilot, more adventures followed living all over the country, including Colorado, Oklahoma, Alaska, and Texas, with more to come.

Thankfully, I can write just about anywhere! It’s not always easy living the military life, but I love drawing inspiration from the many people I’ve met and the places I’ve called home to craft my stories.

These days, I hang my hat in San Antonio, Texas with the rest of Team Olson: my husband, daughter, and two dogs and two cats. When I’m not scribbling a new story on napkins, receipts and keyboard alike, I love to lift weights, hike, swim, garden, and read, read, read.